Wax Ed 101: Become a Waxpert!


Today I'm going to start a week long series: Wax Ed 101! Each day I'll post some info on different things from wax care to the science behind it all! Feel free to share the info with your fellow waxies to make sure you're getting the most out of your scented products!

Wax Ed Lesson 1:
What is 'throw'?

Throw refers to the amount of scent given off by the wax. There are two types of throw: cold and hot. Cold throw refers to the scent of the wax when you smell it in it's solid state, before it is melted. Hot throw refers to the scent of the wax when it is melted and the degree to which it fills the room. This is often described as light, medium, or strong.

While all of our waxes are loaded with the maximum amount of fragrance, there are multiple factors that go in to a good scent throw. These include: temperature of the wax warmer, ambient room temperature, room size, external influences such as fans and A/C, wax blend and type of wax, and even the fragrance oil itself.
Variations in any of these factors can increase or decrease your scent throw.

Additionally, if you are consistently melting, especially the same scents, you may actually desensitize your nose to the point where you are 'nose blind' and scents either seem to be lighter or unable to smelled at all. In this case, try giving your nose a break for a week or two!

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