Policies & FAQs

Are your products ready to ship (RTS)?

Yes!  All of our products are pre-made and ready to ship.  At this time we do not offer any pre-orders.  The advantage to this is products are shipped out quicker as you do not have to wait for production, however, this also means that quantities are limited so if you see something you like, grab it while you can!  If you do miss out, we do take restock requests on our facebook page

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated based upon weight in order to provide you with the most inexpensive shipping option and the safest possible delivery method of your product. All items are shipped via USPS with tracking information sent via e-mail.  

 Weight  Shipping Method Price
1 - 13 oz First Class Standard $4.50
14 oz - 1.75 lbs Priority Padded Flat Rate Envelope (inside box) $7.20
1.76 - 2.5 lbs Priority Regional A Box $11.95
2.6 lbs - 4 lbs Priority Medium Flat Rate Box $13.50
4.1 lbs and up Priority Large Flat Rate Box $17.95

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We love our Canadian and UK friends so we are currently shipping to these two countries!  Shipping starts at $17.95 for Canada and $24.95 for UK and increases based on weight.  Please note that once the parcel has left the US it may no longer be trackable so tracking is not guaranteed for our international shipments.  

If you currently live in another country we are happy to quote a shipping rate for you, just send us an e-mail to sales@zeepbath.com with your complete address and we'll be happy to send you a quote!

Is there a cart hold?

We do not offer a cart hold, HOWEVER, once you reach check out, there is an automatic 5 minute hold in order to allow you adequate time to process your payment and delivery information.  If the cart is abandoned or you proceed away from the checkout screen, the items are no longer on hold.

Do you combine orders?

As of now, we do still combine orders placed on the same day WITH notes provided at checkout in the notes box.  Without this, we cannot guarantee that your orders will be combined.  Shipping will be combined and overages refunded at the time of shipment. 

Can I make changes to my order? 

Please be sure your order is complete and correct prior to checkout as we are unable to make changes or cancellations after it has been placed.  However, if you missed an item and wish to add to your order, we are happy to combine them - see FAQ above for information on combining orders.  There are no exceptions to this, we thank you so much for your understanding!  

What is your turn around time (TAT)?

The most up to date TATs are sent with your confirmation e-mail as they do vary, but in general all items are ready to ship and TAT is 2 weeks, not including shipping time. 

How often do you restock?

Restocks are approximately once per month but are subject to change.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the most up to date information and sneak peeks on upcoming openings and products!

Do you take custom requests?

While we do not take specific custom orders, we do love suggestions!  We often have custom blend contests on our Facebook group and we love your ideas and input at any time so always feel free to share your custom wishes!  

Do you recommend a cure time?  What is 'cure' anyway? 

Wax is like a fine wine!  While it's always good, it just gets better with age! Hence, 'cure time'.  We recommend 2-4 weeks cure minimum.  

Cure time allows the oils to properly blend with the wax that acts as the 'carrier'.  The cure time allows the molecules of the fragrance oils to properly interact and bind with the molecules of the wax in order to provide the maximum scent throw.  Think of it as marinating your wax in fragrance oil, the longer it is allowed to sit, the stronger it becomes. 

What is 'throw'?

Throw refers to the amount of scent given off by the wax.  There are two types of throw: cold and hot.  Cold throw refers to the scent of the wax when you smell it in it's solid state, before it is melted.  Hot throw refers to the scent of the wax when it is melted and the degree to which it fills the room.  This is often described as light, medium, or strong.  

While all of our waxes are loaded with the maximum amount of fragrance, there are multiple factors that go in to a good scent throw.  These include: temperature of the wax warmer, ambient room temperature, room size, external influences such as fans and A/C, wax blend and type of wax, and even the fragrance oil itself. Variations in any of these factors can increase or decrease your scent throw.

Additionally, if you are consistently melting, especially the same scents, you may actually desensitize your nose to the point where you are 'nose blind' and scents either seem to be lighter or unable to smelled at all. In this case, try giving your nose a break for a week or two!

What does 'highly scent' or 'maximum fragrance' really mean?

There are dozens of different types of wax. From soy to paraffin, and derivations of each. Each type of wax can carry a different amount of fragrance oil and has different binding properties with fragrance oils.  In general, the softer the wax, the more fragrance it can carry and vice versa.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of wax and we have researched and experimented to come up with what we believe to be the perfect blend of both soft and hard waxes in order to create the best performance possible.  

How should I store my wax?

Wax should be stored in a cool, dark area to prevent degradation from sun or extreme temperatures.  There is no need to transfer storage of the wax from the bags you receive them in, however should you wish to re-bag for any reason, the wax should be stored ONLY in polypropylene type bags, and NEVER in polyethylene (traditional ziploc type) bags, as these bags will leach the fragrance from the wax and absorb it, rendering your wax with little to no scent.


Payment Policy:

Payment is required at the time of checkout.  We do not store any payment methods so we are unable to edit orders after they are placed.  

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of our products we do not offer refunds or exchanges.