Puppies & Cupcakes & Wax Melts, Oh My!


cupcake wax melt

Never melt cupcake wax melts unless you actually have cupcakes to offer... 

When you get those melts that are so good you want to eat them and it just becomes a mean and cruel trick to everyone in your household.  

Husband: "Oooohhhh are you making cupcakes??" ...as he walks into the kitchen.  "Oh. (sad face) I guess not." 

Kids: "What kind of mean and cruel trick is this???" 

Me: Ummmm...sorry?

Husband: "Why would you taunt us like this???  How would you like it if you walked into the house and heard the sounds of a puppy and us 'ooohing and aawwing' and then you walk in and BAM! NO PUPPY!" 

Yeah, sometimes they're just that good. 😉


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