Wax Ed 101: Lesson 3 How should I store my wax?


plastic bags, polypropylene bag, polyethylene bag, wax melt storage

Since the last lesson was all about the science, we'll keep this one short and sweet and give your brain a little break!  

It is a relatively simple topic, but a commonly asked and very important question as it will make all the difference in the world in the performance of your wax!  

First, keep your wax in a cool, dark area.  Sunlight and extreme temperatures (primarily heat) can damage and degrade your wax, not to mention just make it lose it's pretty luster like a newspaper left outside!

Secondly, but most importantly if you are purchasing wax from any reputable source, they should know and be using the proper type of packaging. As such, there is no need to ever transfer storage of the wax from the bags you receive them in, however should a bag become damaged and you need to re-bag for any reason, the wax should be stored ONLY in polypropylene bags, and NEVER in polyethylene (traditional ziploc type) bags, as these bags will leach the fragrance from the wax and absorb it, rendering your wax with little to no scent.

And that's it!  Follow these two simple rules and you'll get the most from your wax!  

If you have any questions about wax care or the how's and what's of wax, let me know in the comments below!  

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