Hi there!  So if you're here, I bet you're wondering what is Zeep?  (Literally, like, what the heck does that mean and how do you even say it??)  Zeep means "soap" in Dutch and is pronounced Z-ay-p (like Say-p but with a Z), get it? =)  The name came about when I met this Dutch guy (now known as the spousal unit) when I was interviewing for Physician Assistant school.  

I have always been artsy crafty and loved making things and somehow stumbled upon soap making while in school. I began to perfect my recipes and once I did so, I began doing craft fairs and markets to help pay my way through, since medical school is a full time job, and you aren't allowed to work during it (I showed them!) Soon, my love for scents and fragrances evolved into all types of bath and body products and wax melts and soon to be candles!
Long story short: Broke girl meets Dutch guy - blah, blah medical school - need to pay for medical school: make soap - graduate (YAY!) - keep making soap - live happily ever after with Dutch guy (still making soap...and wax...and candles).  
Every product is handmade in small batches using the best ingredients available. I use only:
- Natural butters and oils
- Custom wax blend and fragrances free of harmful chemicals
- Vegan and cruelty free ingredients
Since I am obviously into being healthy by profession (blah, blah, blah, go workout) I always strive to use minimal ingredients of the highest quality with maximal benefits. 
Phone: 507-400-ZEEP
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