Wax Melt Scoops Summer #1 - 2024

$ 12.00

Scoopable wax is a very soft wax that has the ability to carry an extra high fragrance load due to it's soft nature. 

Each jar is handpoured and made with a para wax blend which allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a strong scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to every jar in order to provide you with the strongest scent possible. 

All melts are compatible with a variety of warmers however a tea light or hot plate style melter is recommended for maximum fragrance!

Each jar weighs approximately 7.5 oz

Scent Descriptions:

The Hamptons - Refreshing and luxurious - a getaway by the sea with open windows and the sea breeze blowing in the salty ocean mist with hints of oud wood and amber.

Fireworks - Red, white, and blue!  Red cherries, citrus fizzy pop, and blue cotton candy! 

Beach Toes - Lounge on the beach with a fresh vanilla cocktail. Lather on coconut sunscreen and dig your toes in.

Brightside - Pure and bright, the tangiest mandarin orange you’ve ever smelled!

County Fair - A perfect day at the fair.  Sweet funnel cakes, handmade caramel apples, and fresh popped kettle corn.  Close your eyes and you'll think you're there! 

Rooftop Soiree - Twirl your skirt in the spring breeze while you sip a juicy cocktail of fresh squeezed grapefruit and tangy iced tangerine tonic!

Unicorn Candy - What do unicorns eat?  Cotton candy, lollipops, and berry champagne!

Southern Charm – Farmland and Country boys. A rugged sexy scent of amber and vanilla with hints of zesty lime and berries.

Scent :
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