Valentines Wax Melt Clammies 2024

$ 4.95

Each clamshell wax melt is hand poured and made with a parasoy wax blend that allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a stronger scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to each melt to provide you with the most scent possible. All melts are compatible with Scentsy and a variety of other warmers.

Approximate weight: 3 oz.

Scent Descriptions:

Ruffle Butt - Freshly laundered linen with hints of tropical fruits, orchid, and vanilla. 

S.W.A.K - Seal with a kiss!  Sexy, sultry and sweet!  Fresh berries, warm vanilla, sweet plum, and hints of amber and spring blooms.

Date with an Englishman - Sultry rose, caramel pipe tobacco and soft vanilla bean.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse – Show your loved one how much you care about them this Valentines Day by gifting this delicious treat that combines the sweetness of creamy vanilla and chocolate fudge, topped with fresh ripped raspberry drizzle.

Sunday in the Park with George - Sweet peonies in a field of freshly cut grass!

Sweet Surender - Fluffy shortcake, juicy strawberries, and vanilla whipped cream stuffed into a crunchy waffle cone!

Blush - Soft & feminine, sultry & seductive.  This scent has a softness that is reminiscent of the powder puff of a 1940's movie star getting ready for her close up.  Amber, vanilla musk, & sandalwood blend together for a delicate and enticing scent!

Diamonds - Sexy and refreshing raspberry, passion fruit, mandarin, sandalwood, and vanilla.

My Lover - A Taylor Swift inspired fragrance that combines enchanting hints of lilacs with a sweet and tangy aroma of raspberries. A scent that will make you feel like you are living your own love story!

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