Vanilla Sunrise Bubbling Bath Truffle


Fresh blooming orange blossoms mingled with sweet vanilla bean.

These amazing bath scoops are a bath melt, truffle, and bubbling bomb all smooshed into one decadent, concentrated little slice of heaven! They are chock full of cocoa and shea butters with the fizzy fun and even distribution of a bath bomb to spread the oil throughout your bath water for an ultra moisturizing and delicious smelling bath time experience.

Each jar contains 6 (Six!) scoops.  Use one or two at a time, or break up and use as much as you like! For max bubbles, we recommend placing directly under running water or in tub strainer. Then, sit back and  watch the magic happen!

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cocoa butter, shea butter, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (vegetable based bubbles), fragrance oil, mica

Each scoop is approximately 1-1.5 oz, Net weight is approximately 8.5-8.8 oz. Please keep in mind that all products are unique and handmade so weight may vary slightly.

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