Spring Collection 2024 Wax Melt Scoops


Scoopable wax is a very soft wax that has the ability to carry an extra high fragrance load due to it's soft nature. 

Each jar is handpoured and made with a para wax blend which allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a strong scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to every jar in order to provide you with the strongest scent possible. 

All melts are compatible with a variety of warmers however a tea light or hot plate style melter is recommended for maximum fragrance!

Each jar weighs approximately 7.5 oz

Scent Descriptions:

Bunny Tails - Happy Easter!  Relax on a Sunday afternoon with a tall glass of sweet pink lemonade and watch the bunnies hop around! 

Vanilla Sunrise - Fresh blooming orange blossoms mingled with sweet vanilla bean.

Pink Cow - Mandarin orange & strawberry soda pop fresh out of the old-fashioned soda fountain!

Party Doll - And now it’s a party…sweet strawberries, bursting berries, and ice-cold bubbly champagne!

I Feel Pretty - Because that’s exactly how this scent will make you feel!  Sweet berries, sugar cane, tonka bean, vanilla, & bergamot.

The Breakfast Club - Ooey gooey, sweet glazed lemon blueberry donuts.

Cappuccino Pizzelle - Toasted marshmallow sandwiched between crunchy vanilla waffle cookies with a light dusting of fresh ground espresso powder.  

Cloud 9 - Clean laundry with hints of lily, bergamot, geranium, and violet.

Fizzy Beans - Sweet candy jelly beans and bright citrus fizz!

Frosted Carrot Cake - The Easter Bunny’s favorite!  Fresh, moist carrot cake smothered in fluffy, rich buttercream frosting!

Peeps and Beans - Here comes the Easter bunny!  With a basket full of fluffy marshmallow peeps and sweet, fruity jelly beans!  

Inner Peace – Escape the hustle and bustle. Find a moment of peace with this clean botanical scent. Fresh violet blooms, sweet tropical fruits and warm sandalwood.

Scent :
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