Coffee Shop Box Set - Zeep : {'z-ayp}
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Coffee Shop Box Set
Each box contains 14 full size clammies in our best selling coffee scents as well as a few exclusive scents specially made for this set!  Coffee Shop Box Menu:  Cafe du Monde - fresh baked beignets + hot espresso + fluffy...
$ 69.95
Gel Hand Sanitizers Summer 2023 - Zeep : {'z-ayp}
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Gel Hand Sanitizers Summer 2023
70% Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer with added aloe will leave your hands clean AND moisturized with the added benefit of smelling great!  These sanitizers are not sticky and leave your hands smooth and supple.  Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol 70%, aloe leaf,...
$ 6.50
Vintage Christmas Bar Soap - Zeep : {'z-ayp} Vintage Christmas Bar Soap - Zeep : {'z-ayp}
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Vintage Christmas Bar Soap
Winter fruits, bright citrus, and a hint of holiday spice!  Each soap is handcrafted with natural oils and butters for a creamy, conditioning, and bubbly consistency.  All soaps are uniquely designed, crafted, and packaged in small batches using the cold process method....
$ 8.50
Alzeheimers Fundraiser Kit - Zeep : {'z-ayp}
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Alzheimer's Fundraiser Kit
This Alzheimers Fundraiser Kit is perfect for those looking to contribute to a charitable cause. Raising money for a good cause has never been easier thanks to this kit featuring a dynamic duo of 2 scents, Namaste and Ivy.  Donate...
$ 19.99
Ghost Stories Candle - Zeep : {'z-ayp}
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Ghost Stories Candle
Deep in the smoky forest, curl up around the campfire and cozy up in your plaid flannel blankets…it’s about to get creepy! Each candle is hand poured with a custom parasoy wax blend and scented for maximum fragrance throw.   Weight:...
$ 12.95
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