Summer Wax Scoops

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Scoopable wax is a very soft wax that has the ability to carry an extra high fragrance load due to it's soft nature. 

Each jar is handpoured and made with a para wax blend which allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a strong scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to every jar in order to provide you with the strongest scent possible. 

All melts are compatible with a variety of warmers however a tea light or hot plate style melter is recommended for maximum fragrance!

Each jar weighs approximately 7.5 oz

*As an effort to reduce and reuse, we are no longer using disposable wooden spoons. However, reusable spoons are now available here 👇

Scent Descriptions:

☀️ American Pie- Crisp, sweet mac apple with ripe, juicy blueberries, and topped with vanilla ice cream and a dollop of fresh whip!

🏝 Beach Bum- Relax on the beach with the scents of fresh coconut, vanilla, sugar cane, and a hint of summer fruits!

Bumpin’ Uglies- A fruity, bright, and sweet blend of juicy honeydew melon, strawberry vanilla cotton candy, and tangy mandarin oranges

👙 Candy Land- A sugary sweet mix guaranteed to hit your sweet tooth!  Pink bubble gum, rainbow lollipops, and cotton candy.

☀️ Cherry Limeade- Sweet pressed cherries, freshly squeezed key lime, and bubbly citrus fizz blend together for a favorite ice cold summer treat on a hot and sticky day! 

🏝 County Fair- A perfect day at the fair.  Sweet funnel cakes, handmade caramel apples, and fresh popped kettle corn.  Close your eyes and you'll think you're there! 

Fireworks- Red, white, and blue!  Red cherries, citrus fizzy pop, and blue cotton candy! 

👙 Frosty Palace- You're the one that I want!  Pull up a seat at the diner and enjoy this ooey gooey sundae treat!  Creamy vanilla ice cream stuffed into a crispy waffle cone and topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate fudge drizzle!

☀️ I’ll Follow the Sun- Sea salt, suntan lotion, pineapple, and sun soaked lemons.

🏝 Lime Me!- Tangy key lime muddled with sweet coconut creme. Put the lime in the coconut!

Poolside- Pull up a lounge chair and relax on the pool deck while you take in the scent of freshly laundered beach towels laying in the sun and bright citrus splashes of fresh squeeze lemon & lime from the bar. 

👙 Rooftop Soiree- Twirl your skirt in the spring breeze while you sip a juicy cocktail of fresh squeezed grapefruit and tangy iced tangerine tonic!

☀️ Shoreside- A sophisticated and fresh blend of out wood, sea salt, and ocean mist - one of our new summer favorites.

🏝 Shotgun Betty- Bright and tangy blood orange, sweet raspberries, tart cranberries, and a hint of iced bubbly. 

Slice of Paradise- Sweet pineapple and sliced strawberries sit atop a decadently rich slice of coconut cream pie! 

👙 Summer’s End- Crisp mac apple salt water taffy. 

☀️ Surf Shop- Stop in and grab an ice cold one!  Coconut water, freshly squeezed pineapple juice, frozen lemon sorbet, and creamy vanilla round it out!

🏝 The Juice Stand- Stop on by and grab a cold one at the juice stand!  Fresh squeezed oranges and crisp morning air will have you energized and refreshed! 

Toes in the Sand- Freshly shucked coconut blended into a rich vanilla crème – you won’t know if you should drink it or ask the pool boy to rub it on your back!

👙 Twinkie Cake Pops- Wonderful rich pound cake loaded with heavy cream and buttery white, frosted birthday cake stuffed with a blend of sweet marshmallow fluff buttercream and vanilla bean.

☀️ Under the Boardwalk- Take a walk down the boardwalk and take in the scents of the concessions and the beach with creamy caramel corn, sweet funnel cake, fluffy cotton candy, and a hint of beach grass blowing in the wind. 

🏝 Under the Stars- Lay out your blanket under the starry night sky and take in the scents of fresh rain, bergamot, lemon and hints of green from the essence of neroli

Unicorn Candy- What do unicorns eat?  Cotton candy, lollipops, and berry champagne!

👙 White Sands- Imagine a cool evening by the sea – sea salt, eucalyptus, driftwood, and hints of beachy coconut. 

☀️ Yum Yum- For your tum tum!  Sweet mangoes, ripe pineapple, and fresh coconut.  Take me to the tropics!


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$ 8.00