Holiday Clammies

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Each clamshell wax melt is hand poured and made with a parasoy wax blend that allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a stronger scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to each melt to provide you with the most scent possible. All melts are compatible with Scentsy and a variety of other warmers.

Approximate weight: 3 oz.

Scent Descriptions:

❄#redcupseason - For all the basic chicks, Christmas wouldn't be complete without your Starbucks peppermint mocha.  #uggsleggingsandgo

☃Baby It’s Cold Outside – Brrr...fresh Christmas snow and peppermint candies!

🎅Bad Santa – Christmas Eve around the fireplace, sitting beside the Christmas tree and sipping mulled wine with Grandma making sweet treats in the kitchen.

❄Blankets by the Fire - Cozy up by the fire along side the Christmas tree with a chunky knit blanket wrapped around your shoulders!

☃Candy Canes – Sweet peppermint candy canes with a hint of vanilla sugar!

🎅Candy Fairy – Candy bits, bubble gum and sweet vanilla!

❄Christmas Cobbler – Grab a bite of gooey apple and peach cobbler spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and wrapped in a buttery, flaky pie crust!

☃Christmas Eve – Cozy up by the crackling fire with creamy toasted marshmallows next to the fresh cut Christmas tree.

🎅Christmas Hangover – Because the drinks are too good not to!  Rich spiked egg nog with a cherry twist!

❄Christmas Past – A vintage Christmas of sweet spiced orange, warm clove, and crisp candied apples.

☃Christmas Tree - The magic of Christmas morning sitting around the tree stuffed with gifts from Santa underneath!

🎅Cindy Lou Who - Creamy vanilla bean, peppermint candies, and sweet pink sugar crystals. 

❄Cottonheadedninnymuggins - The best way to spread Christmas with sugar cookies, pine trees, hints of spiced orange peel and cranberries, and, of course, apple cider doughnuts!

☃Dirty Girl Scout – Because, thin mints – but grown up style with a hint of espresso and a dollop of whip!

🎅Elf Cookies – The elves main food group!  Sweet almond sugar cookies and marzipan macarons stuffed with vanilla buttercream frosting!

❄Elves who Brunch – Wake up to brunch with the elves!  Just like walking into Grandma’s house on Christmas morning – fluffy buttermilk pancakes, sweet maple syrup, and hints of sweet bacon and eggs fill the room!

☃Gingerbread Latte - Spicy gingerbread and creamy vanilla frosting dunked in a hot cup o’ joe!

🎅Grinch Cookies – Buttery sugar cookies topped with creamy peppermint candies.

❄Hansel & Gretel’s House – Sweet graham crackers covered with vanilla frosting and just a hint of sugar and spice, just like the children like

☃Holiday Barbie - Cheers from Barbie & Ken!  Sweet cranberries, bubbly champagne, and sexy pink sugar crystals. 

🎅Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus...under the mistletoe in the fresh snow!

❄Mommy’s Little Piggy – Has a face full of sweet vanilla tart topped with juicy sugared plums!

☃Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen - Sitting around the table with chestnuts roasting over the fire while you decorate gingerbread houses with sweet creamy vanilla frosting and toasted graham crackers and sip a warm cup of mulled cider.

🎅Noel - Sugared spruce, fresh fir trees, woody balsam, sweet molasses and creamy vanilla cookies. 

❄Pop the Bubbly - Happy New Year!  Juicy, red pomegranate berries bursting into bubbly iced champagne! 

🎅Rockefeller Center - Ice skate beneath the Christmas tree in the middle of downtown NY and take in the scents of sweet vanilla pinecones, fresh fir and cedar trees and a hint of holiday berries!

❄Santa Baby - Sweet & sexy, just like Mr. Claus likes it!  Creamy vanilla bean, toasty marshmallow, and sultry pink sugar crystals.

☃Santa’s Workshop – Chestnuts roasting and sweet gingerbread baking while the elves build all the children’s toys!

🎅Scrooge – Bah, humbug!  Sit back and relax with persnickety Scrooge and his pipe filled with sweet caramel, cherry and vanilla tobacco.

❄Sleigh Ride – The perfect snow day for a sleigh ride!  Dashing through the tall pines with a warm mug full of creamy melted marshmallows and a dash of peppermint! 

☃Sugar Plum Fairy – Visions of sugar plums dancing in your head! Sweet plums and ripe berries dusted with frosted sugar crystals. 

🎅Swirly Twirly Gumdrops – Stockings full of sweet Christmas ribbon candy and fruity tart hard candies!

❄The Naughty List – Sweet sugar plums, juicy berries, and hints of peach, apple, and cherry!  You better watch out - he knows if you've been bad or good! 

☃The Night Before Christmas - Snuggle up in cozy flannel sheets with the cool winter breeze of tall pines and crisp white snow blowing in through the windows.

🎅The North Pole – Welcome to Santa’s House!  Fresh baked sugar cookies with a hint of sweet mint, holiday fruits and pinecones!

❄Under the Mistletoe – The quintessential Christmas scent! Fresh hanging boughs & berries across your beautifully decorated mantle.

☃White Christmas – A walk through the snowy woods taking in the fresh fir and balsam trees, the quintessential holiday scent!

🎅Wreck the Halls – Holiday decorating at it’s finest!  Deck the halls with boughs of pine while you sip your cherry brandy with a citrus twist!


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