Halloween Wax Scoops

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Scoopable wax is a very soft wax that has the ability to carry an extra high fragrance load due to it's soft nature. 

Each jar is handpoured and made with a para wax blend which allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a strong scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to every jar in order to provide you with the most fragrance possible. All melts are compatible with Scentsy and a variety of other warmers. 

Each jar weighs approximately 7.5 oz

Scent Descriptions:

🕸Trick-or-Treat - Trick or Treat give me something good to eat! Sweet vanilla waffle cones with creamy caramel, chocolate fudge and toasted marshmallows!

🎃Halloweentown - A walk through Halloweentown - smelling the haunted mansions through the autumn walk with just a hint of spicy mulled cider!

🕷Candy Corn Cake - Sweet candy corn atop fluffy white cake frosted with vanilla buttercream and a sweet filling of vanilla, pumpkin, and marshmallow.

🕸Pumpkin Sugar Cookie - Sweet pumpkin and creamy, buttery fresh baked sugar cookies.

🎃Krueger’s Orchard - Fresh baked cider donuts, crisp mac apple and creamy vanilla bean. But whatever you do, - don't fall asleep in this orchard...

🕷Pumpkin Queen - Be the queen of fall with vanilla, pumpkin, and marshmallows!

🕸Hocus Pocus - A chill fall night with blowing dried leaves and breezy bonfire with toasted marshmallows and brown sugar.

🎃Haunted Mansion - Autumn leaves and fall breezes with the slightest hint of clove and nutmeg.

🕷Monster Munch - Creamy & sweet salted caramel popcorn.

🕸Pep Rally - Go Team! A fall rally of fresh dried leaves, breezy autumn air, smoky bonfires and sweet tobacco leaves.

🎃Frankencake - Fresh baked banana bread stuffed with caramel and topped with a crunchy pumpkin streusel. A treat even Frankenstein can't resist!

🕷Mummy Bread - Zucchini bread stuffed with apple butter and caramel drizzle.

🕸You’ll Float Too - You won't be able to resist this pop-pop-pop corn blend from your favorite creepy clown...sweet kettle corn, mulled cider, and just a hint of caramel.

🎃Witch, Please - For the basic witch - coconut creme, caramel pralines, and a hint of espresso

🕷Candy Corn Buttercream - Sweet candy corn with rich and creamy vanilla buttercream.

🕸Pumpkin Sugar Doughnuts - Sweet pumpkin cake donuts topped with sugar and spice and everything nice!

🎃Pumpkin Patch - Spicy cinnamon pumpkin with hints of vanilla, nutmeg and orange peel.

🕷The Great Pecan - Sweet pumpkin pecan pie topped with gooey vanilla marshmallows

Body Care: (Still in progress!)

🕸Candy Corn Buttercream - Sweet candy corn with rich and creamy vanilla buttercream.

🎃Pumqueen - A new spin on Pumpkin Queen! Sweet cinnamon pumpkin topped with gooey toasted marshmallows





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