Valentine Clammies

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Each clamshell wax melt is hand poured and made with a parasoy wax blend that allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a stronger scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to each melt to provide you with the most scent possible. All melts are compatible with Scentsy and a variety of other warmers.

Approximate weight: 3 oz.

Scent Descriptions:

Baby Love – Calming and soothing sweet vanilla, lavender buds, a puff of baby powder.

Cappuccino Pizelle - Toasted marshmallow sandwiched between crunchy vanilla waffle cookies with a light dusting of fresh ground espresso powder.  

Date with an Englishman - Sultry rose, caramel pipe tobacco and soft vanilla bean.

Diamonds - Sexy and refreshing raspberry, passion fruit, mandarin, sandalwood, and vanilla

Get Leid – Welcome to the islands!  Blooming sweet pea buds blended with freshly shucked coconut and a hint of creamy vanilla.

Linen & Lace – A sexy blend of fresh and sweet!  Pink orchid, vanilla frosting, lily, sea salt, and driftwood!

Oh Sugar, Sugar – Sugar overload!   Vanilla strawberry cotton candy twisted into a sweet and creamy vanilla marshmallow!

Pillowtalk - Freshly washed sheets, sweet pomegranate, juicy peaches, and fresh picked flower petals

Satin Sheets – Meet me between the sheets!  A sexy and clean blend of vanilla orchid, bergamot, apple, citrus, and clean satin sheets

S.W.A.K. – Sexy, sultry and sweet!  Fresh berries, warm vanilla, sweet plum, and hints of amber and spring blooms

Sweet Buns – Sweet and creamy!  Sticky cinnamon buns topped with buttercream frosting and a hint of sweet maple.

Sweetcheeks – Ripe strawberries and sweet black berries meld with a twist of creamy vanilla bean

Sweet Surrender - Fluffy shortcake, juicy strawberries, and vanilla whipped cream stuffed into a crunchy waffle cone!

Underoos - Fresh baked glazed doughnuts topped with sweet cotton candy frosting and fruity pebbles


$ 4.50
$ 4.50