Summer 2022 Wax Melt Clammies

$ 4.95 $ 3.95

Each clamshell wax melt is hand poured and made with a parasoy wax blend that allows for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw, giving them a stronger scent and a long lasting aroma. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to each melt to provide you with the most scent possible. All melts are compatible with Scentsy and a variety of other warmers.

Approximate weight: 3 oz.

Scent Descriptions:

🍉 American Pie - Crisp, sweet mac apple with ripe, juicy blueberries, and topped with vanilla ice cream and a dollop of fresh whip!

👙 Beach House - Salty ocean air blowing through open windows with waves of fresh linen.


🏖 County Fair - A perfect day at the fair.  Sweet funnel cakes, handmade caramel apples, and fresh popped kettle corn.  Close your eyes and you'll think you're there! 

🍉 Lemon Zucchini Bread - Tangy lemon brightens up a sweet, freshly baked zucchini bread. Linsey Saldia 


🍉 Pirate Bay - Ahoy me matey! Take a drink of me famous tart lemonade with a splash of coconut water or ye can walk the sandalwood plank! Kelsey Grier


🍉 Skateland - 1980s skateland in your coolest neon outfit and stopping off to the side to hit up the snack bar for your favorite sugary treat - sweet tarts! Tangy, juicy, sweet bits of candy goodness!

☀️ The Hamptons - Refreshing and luxurious - a getaway by the sea with open windows and the sea breeze blowing in the salty ocean mist with hints of oud wood and amber.

🍉 Valley Ho - Room service! One ice cold fizzy lemonade with a basil spring please! Kylie Gamble


☀️ Wine Country - Wine down in wine country.  Take a walk through the vineyards and smell the countryside air with notes of fig, pear, white musk, and sweet grapes


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