Spray Hand Sanitizers Holiday 2023

$ 6.50

70% Ethyl Alcohol hand sanitizer with added aloe will leave your hands clean AND moisturized with the added benefit of smelling great!  These sanitizers are not sticky and leave your hands smooth and supple. 

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol 70%, aloe leaf, carbomer, dimethicone, triisopropanolamine, water, mica, MAY CONTAIN: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tin oxide.

Each bottle contains approximately 4 oz, Please keep in mind that all products are unique and handmade so weight may vary slightly.

*White Christmas - A walk through the snowy woods taking in the fresh fir and balsam trees, the quintessential holiday scent!

*Ho Ho Ho - Creamy vanilla marshmallow swirled with sweet peppermint.

*Black Tie Affair - Sweet and creamy amaretto spiked egg nog.  Cheers to the holidays!

*Grinch Cookies - Buttery sugar cookies topped with creamy peppermint candies.

*Ginger Nog - It's gingerbread makin' time! Don't forget the creamy vanilla frosting and some egg nog to sip!

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